Introducting your blogs

Use the comments function on this post to introduce your blog to your classmates.

Tell us:

  • The name of your blog
  • Your blog topic
  • Three potential sources you’ll use this week to write your first two blog posts.

(Check out mine for an example.)


19 Responses to Introducting your blogs

  1. amberwillard says:

    Blog name: Amber Willard Hinsley (I wanted it to be easy for people to find by searching my name)

    Blog topic: The future of journalism (especially newspapers)

    Potential sources: I saw a part of a report on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday that addressed the future of newspapers, so I’ll probably go back and check that out. I’ll also try the Poynter Institute’s Web site and the NY Times media column for ideas.

  2. cellulartellular says:

    blog name:cellulartellular

    blog topic: reporting on different technologies in the cell phone world.

    potential sites for me are, and and maybe even news websites with technology reports.

    Ashlee Salem

  3. typicalyankeesfan says:

    Name: Daniel Tyrone

    Blog Name: typicalyankeesfan

    Blog Topic: Keeping you updated with everything you need and want to know about the Yankees.

    Potential Sources: ESPN and their Web site, the Yankees have a home page, any other online sports page.

  4. Jennifer Pullen says:

    Blog name: JenPul (It was original, but people will still be able to see that it is me.)

    Blog topic: Public relations in corporate America

    Potential sources: I will use sites such as PRWeekly, PR Newswire and Marketing Daily. Public relations is always in the news.

    Jennifer Pullen

  5. johnkarma says:

    Blog name: johnkarma

    Blog topic: News and info on upcoming films

    Potential sources: The Rotten Tomatoes website has daily updates throughout the week and Entertainment Weekly also has information updated daily during the week

  6. snikta2003 says:

    Blog Name:Snikta2003 (Travis Atkins)

    Blog topic: 2009 Boston Red Sox

    Potential sources: Boston Globe, Boston Herald,, blogs by fellow fans

  7. strosfan22 says:

    Blog Name: ‘Strosfan22’s Blog

    Blog Topic: Houston Astros Updates

    Potential Sources:, ESPN, (Houston Chronicle)

  8. moonpye says:

    Blog Name: Moon Pye

    Blog Topic: Adventures in the kitchen

    Potential Sources: I am in love with the food network! I also plan to use a lot of my mom’s recipes. I am also following other people’s food blogs and will attempt some of their masterpieces.

    Casey Aldridge

  9. strosfan22 says:

    Geoffrey Lavalle

  10. coolkidkaycee says:

    Blog name: I dunno, what do you wanna do? (I thought it went well with the topic, and I like The Jungle Book.)

    Blog topic: Things to do in San Marcos

    Potential sources: University Star, Texas State Web site, Facebook events and student organizations. Hopefully I’ll find more sources as I go.

    Kaycee Toller

  11. acalkins says:

    Blog name: Hard Times for Fashion

    Blog topic: The economy’s effect on the fashion world

    Potential sources: Women’s World Daily (, Vogue, as well as various fashion news blogs, such as

    Allison Calkins

  12. ss1570 says:


    Austin is called the live music capitol of the world. With festivals like South by Southwest (SXSW) and Austin City Limits (ACL) Austin provides a place not only for artists but for those who appreciate their music as well. Know for its funky atmosphere and its “Keep Austin Weird” motto, its apparent this city listens to the beat of its own drum. This blog will provide information about the musical scene in Austin.

  13. inspired86 says:

    Blog Name: fame2austin (
    Blog Topic: Pink Lady Apples(on sale at central market)
    Potential sources: Local austin advertisements, central market
    – Ebony Griffin

  14. ak1176 says:

    Blog name: ak1176
    Blog topic: Working out for women

    Potential sources: I will use Womens Health Magazine, Self Magazine and my personal trainer for extra information.

    Amanda Kahler

  15. rs1129 says:

    Blog name: veggiesrule

    Blog topic: vegetarian news and benefits

    A few potential Sources:;

    Rachael Schultz

  16. kristaheaton says:

    Blog name: Krista Heaton

    Blog topic: Different things to do in Austin

    A few potential Sources:,TX/Nightlife/

  17. ryanpoker says:

    Blog Name: Ryanpoker

    Blog Topic: Local/ Nat’l Poker Tournaments. Coverage of tournament circuit.

    A few potential sources:

  18. ryanpoker says:

    Blog Name: Ryan poker

    Blog topic: Tourny leaderboard, players and events

    Sources: CardPlayer, Bluff, the poker

  19. jen0616 says:

    Blog name: GeNOcide

    Blog topic: updates on the genocide and conditions in Darfur and other locations in Africa

    Sources: Reuters, CNN, Africa Action

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