Getting ideas for your blog

Here are the slides from today’s class on the assignment for next week, which is to come with three ideas for your blog. We’ll discuss these as a class, so you’ll have some feedback from me as well as your classmates. blog-prep

Some ideas to help get you started can be found on the Online Journalism Blog, and I found another class that requires students to blog, so you can check out their posts as well. The students’ blogs are on the right side — you have to scroll down a bit to get to them. A class at UT also has some blogs, although many of theirs are more general than what we’re doing.

I have a blog as well, which I started earlier this semester to help illustrate for you what is expected of your blog project. (Your entries won’t have to be as long as mine.) We’ll go over more specifics next week on the requirements for each post.

You can also peruse the blogs on WordPress to get some ideas.

See you next week!


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