Jan. 26 class

Today’s agenda:

  • Class introductions (in class and on blog)
  • Go over syllabus
  • First newspaper critique
  • Ch. 3-5 in When Words Collide

For next week:

  • Read Ch. 6-9 in WWC
  • Bring 10-question quiz (and answers on another page) based on Ch. 6
  • Prepare for current events quiz
  • Prepare for newspaper critique

5 Responses to Jan. 26 class

  1. Allison Calkins says:

    Name- Allison Calkins
    Major- Public Relations
    Year- Junior
    1. I’m from Peachtree City, Georgia.
    2. I’m in Delta Zeta sorority.
    3. I’m minoring in fashion merchandising.

  2. Ashlee Salem says:

    My major is public relations and I am a senior. Three interesting facts about me are that I used to intern for CBS radio and cut sound bites of the Texas Ranger games, my favorite hobby is wakeboarding, and I have a fish named Sushi.

  3. Kaycee Toller says:

    Kaycee Toller
    Mass Comm- Print Journalism
    Super Senior

    1. I love snakes, spiders and bats, but roaches terrify me.
    2. I’ve had my hair in nearly every color I can name.
    3. I have 5 siblings, but only share one parent with each.

  4. Geoffrey Lavalle says:

    Major: Mass Comm General
    year 6
    I play my guitar sometimes when I’m not working, at school, or sitting around five feet away from it. I just brewed my first batch of beer the other day and I’m waiting for it to start fermenting. I am pretty bummed out about football season being over this coming Sunday, but I am stoked about the upcoming baseball season.

  5. Name: Ebony Griffin
    Major: Mass Communications
    Year: Senior
    Three interesting facts
    1. I collect vintage fashion magazines
    2. I’m a tea enthusiast. My favorite is Silver tip Fujian White Tea
    3. I love all things domestic like arts &crafts, homemaking, cooking, and sewing. Yes Martha Stewart is my hero.

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