Welcome to Spring 2009

This blog is designed for students in the MC3383 class at Texas State University.

Our class meets from 3:30-6:20 p.m. Mondays in Trinity 113.


13 Responses to Welcome to Spring 2009

  1. Amber Willard says:

    Introduction to me:
    * Amber Willard Hinsley
    * Adjunct instructor at Texas State & PhD student at UT
    * Research in newsroom management and professional identity of journalists, and also interested in community journalism and gender issues in the media
    * Three interesting facts: I have three dogs that collectively weigh 300 pounds, I’ve been to 46 of the 50 states, and I once had to be tested for tuberculosis as a result of a story I wrote when I was a reporter

  2. Susan Schuckhart says:

    Introduction of me:
    Susan Schuckhart
    Public Relations Major-Communications Studies Minor
    Three facts:
    1. I can not spell at all and could not live with out Microsoft Word.
    2. I have a cat name Charlie (she’s a girl) that I rescued.
    3. I’ve always wanted to be Cinderella at Disney World.

  3. Rachael Schultz says:

    Introduction to me:

    *Rachael Schultz
    *Mass Comm major/senior

    *Three interesting facts: I commute from Houston to Texas State, I work concerts for Live Nation in Houston, and I have been to Greece four times.

  4. Ryan Ramos says:

    Ryan Ramos
    MC PR major
    1. 7th year senior
    2. have backpacked across europe
    3. 5 siblings, none with the same mother and father

  5. Jennifer Pullen says:

    *Jennifer Pullen
    *Major: Public Relations
    *Year: Senior
    *Three Interesting Facts: I have a 1 year old chihuahua named Maximus who is mean to everyone. I am a member of Delta Zeta – Iota Alpha chapter. I was on the dance team for the Austin Wranglers arena football team last year.

  6. My personal introduction:
    My name is Daniel Tyrone and I’m from Austin, Texas. My major is public relations and I plan on graduating in December 2009 (if all goes according to plan). I have no clue what I’m doing with my life afterwards. My mildly interesting facts are that I am from Austin, I am a waiter at Cracker Barrel, and I play guitar and sing in a band.

  7. Travis Atkins says:

    Print Journalism
    Three interesting facts: Born in Vermont and moved to Texas when I was eight
    I have been playing baseball since I was six
    My parents own a weekly newspaper in Southwest Austin

  8. Krista Heaton says:

    Introduction to me:
    *Krista Heaton
    *Public Relations Major
    *Three interesting facts: I’m in the process of learning sign language, I’ve been skydiving 3 times, and I’ve been boxing for about six months

  9. Ashlie Maresch says:

    I am a Public Relations major and Spanish minor. I will graduate this December. I grew up in a small town in south central Minnesota. Currently I work for H-E-B as a Partner Champion which is similar to a Community Liaison. This past summer I interned at the H-E-B Corporate office where I got to work with different departments like Public Affairs, Advertising and Partner Learning.

  10. Casey Aldridge says:

    I am a journalism major at Texas State. This is my last semester in San Marcos and I am very unhappy about it. I am moving to Chicago in May to start a career as a sports writer. GO CUBS!

  11. Kaycee Toller says:

    Kaycee Toller
    Mass Comm- Print Journalism
    Super Senior

    1. I love snakes, spiders and bats, but roaches terrify me.
    2. I’ve had my hair in nearly every color I can name.
    3. I have 5 siblings, but only share one parent with each.

  12. Jenna Bezner says:

    I am a mass comm major and graduating this May! To let you know a little bit about myself, I have a weenie dog named Fritz that I adore. He is red and super long! I love almost all kinds of music, and have visited Honduras.

  13. Name: Ebony Griffin
    Major: Mass Communications
    Year: Senior
    Three interesting facts
    1. I collect vintage fashion magazines
    2. I’m a tea enthusiast. My favorite is Silver tip Leaf Fujian White Tea
    3. I love all things domestic like arts &crafts, homemaking, cooking, and sewing. Yes Martha Stewart is my hero.

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